Monday, March 16, 2009


Here are the toilet paper roll seedlings in their egg carton tray. Broccoli babies, aren't they cute? (Night-blooming jasmine in foreground)

If I'd thought about it before this picture was taken, I would have pulled off the t.p. first. It's like the kid in school with the yearbook picture that's wrong, somehow... maybe he has some ketchup on his face, and you just know his mama was mortified when she saw the wallet-sized photos she was going to have to send to family.

Ah, well. Actually, this picture was taken a week or so ago, and the weather was sooo nice today, and is supposed to stay nice for the coming week or so, that I thought it was time to plant.

The way this is supposed to work is, to minimize the disturbance to the roots, you just plant the whole thing in the ground after opening up the bottom a bit. And that's just what I did on the ones that were singles. But see, since some of these had two baby plants come up, I gently shook the soil and separated those. I know I am supposed to just plant the whole thing, after all, that was the point. But when it comes to thinning them, I just can't bring myself to do it. It's like that scene in "Sophie's Choice", when Meryl Streep has to decide which kid to keep... it's very traumatic for me.

So instead I try to plant them both, disturbing the roots horribly. Probably won't matter anyway, it really is too early to plant, I think. Not just broccoli, either. We planted all kinds of things today.

So good night broccoli, brussel sprouts, peas, lettuce and onions. Sleep well in your new beds.

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