Saturday, May 23, 2009

So much going on!

Hello garden people and not gardening people. We've been so busy juggling so many Ranch projects that we've had little or no time to take pictures or do any updates. A quick run down of things to come: strawberry bed (forever), garden hoopa, bamboo fence part deux, growth, growth, growth, bioswale and the vandalism of bioswale, additional rain barrels, still yet even more growth, Greasel, the refinishing of the deck, a new tomato bed and so much more.

We'll start posting items as we get the the time and friendly photo evidence.

But a quick note; the salad greens have been coming up fat and steady and Marina has once again demonstrated why she is the dressing maven. She made a ginger dressing the other night that was outstanding. She just pulls them out of an invisible hat. Another reason why this is indeed, The Lucky Us Ranch.

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  1. I hope the lack of blog posts is an indication of lots going on! Happy gardening! :)